Victoria Falls Bridge

This is the bridge above the batoka gorge, it’s shared between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

From boiling pot

The bridge has the space for a railway line, motor vehicles and a shelter for Bungee jumping.

Bungee jumping

So if you are not scared of heights try bungee jumping on the mighty Victoria falls bridge.

You can also come to the bridge via the royal livingstone express steam engine train, since there is a railway line that goes up to South Africa.

Royal livingstone express

This is the reason why they call it the steam engine.

Royal livingstone express

This train uses steam engine to move. Wow! look at the beautiful lights both outside and inside.

As it was approaching the Victoria falls bridge.

Sprays of water from the falls are able to reach the bridge,this is really a natural wonder of the world.

Under the showers

Look at the smoke behind me, it blocking the clear view of the fall.

Boiling pot

This is the view of the boiling pot from the Victoria falls bridge.

The Zambezi river down the gorge away from the falls on the other side of the bridge.

If look very carefully you will see the ropes for sliding across the gorge.

What an amazing bridge that enables people to cross from Zambia to Zimbabwe very easily without any congestion.

The falls and the bridge as viewed from the sky.

It is worthy to spend time in such a wonderful natural environment. Because the mind is going to be filled with awesome and amazing scenes, hence all the stress is released. It’s all joy,happiness and learning.

When you are happy your mind will make good will deposits in everything you do. Negative thoughts won’t have any room.

Therefore, positive thoughts will come freely on how to achieve positive results.

Remember to take some breaks of your busy schedule in order to spend time in the natural environment. Even just a simple walk outdoors in the natural environment will make a difference.

Thanks for your time and following my blog, feel free to comment on this page.

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